Making Emmaus Sweeter since 2012

* Flavors listed are available for special order in either cupcakes or cakes.

Flavors change seasonally. *

Standard Flavors


Chocolate Dream- Our #1

double chocolate cake, chocolate center,

dutch cocoa frosting, chocolate drizzle, dark chocolate chips.


moist vanilla cake,

vanilla frosting & sprinkles

PB Crunch

chocolate cake, peanut butter filled,

peanut butter frosting, rolled in crushed peanuts 

Caramel Latte

caramel cake, caramel sauce filled,

coffee frosting, sugar sprinkles

Sweet Strawberry

vanilla cake, fresh strawberry filled,

vanilla frosting, strawberry slice

Old Fashioned

dark chocolate cake

cream cheese frosting

Toasted Coconut Almond

toasted coconut almond cake, 

almond frosting, toasted coconut flakes

Blueberry Lemon

lemon zest cake, blueberry preserves, 

blueberry lemon zest frosting

Dark Silk

dark chocolate cake, 

dark chocolate frosting

Honey Lemon Poppy

local honey, lemon & poppy seed cake, 

honey lemon frosting 

Mint ChocoChip

mint chocolate chip cake, chocolate sauce & mini chip filled, 

green vanilla mint frosting

PB Jammin'

vanilla cake, grape jam filled, 

peanut butter frosting

Salted Caramel Mocha

caramel chocolate cake, caramel center, 

salted caramel frosting & caramel drizzle  

Buttery Pecan

butterscotch pecan cake,

vanilla frosting & crushed pecans


cinnamon spiced cake, 

cinnamon spiced frosting

Black & White

chocolate & vanilla marble cake, 

chocolate & vanilla frosting

Fluffer Nutty

vanilla cake, marshmallow fluff filled, 

peanut butter frosting, mini marshmallows

Cookies & Cream

chocolate oreo cake, chocolate sauce center, 

cookies & cream frosting


double chocolate cake

coconut frosting, rolled in coconut flakes

PB Dreamer

peanut butter cake, peanut butter filled,

peanut butter frosting,

Cookie Dough

buttery vanilla cake, "raw" cookie dough filled,

brown sugar frosting

French Toast & Bacon

maple cinnamon bacon cake, maple center

maple cinnamon frosting

Cupcake Pricing

Cupcakes starting at 30.00/dozen. 

(minimum order of one dozen per flavor)

Mini Cupcakes 12.00/dozen

(minimum order of one dozen per flavor) 

Some additional pricing per cupcake for custom orders:

~  .50 - 2.00 each for fun wrappers or pics

~  1.00 each for simplistic fondant design.

~  2.00+ each for a detailed fondant design

Cake Pricing

6" round cake starting at 35.00

8" round cake starting at 50.00

All Cakes are double layer cakes in your choice of flavor 

(available in the same yummy flavors as our cupcakes) 

& can be customized to the theme of your event. 

Additional fondant or custom detail is an additional fee. 

Tower Rental

Starting at 20.00 each


Starting at 10.00



Starting at 20.00

Rush Orders

Custom Cake or Cupcake orders placed less than 7 days 

will be a charged an additional rush fee of 25%.

Click here to view our Custom Order Contract

Please email us for more information 

regarding custom cake & cupcake orders or date availability.